At Recover Health, we live by the mission statement of “creating relationships that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.” We are a company of caring individuals with compatible values, whose drive and desire are to be part of something greater than themselves. In that sense, we believe that our suppliers use candid, respectful communication; promote consistency in their words and actions, and are direct towards our buyers to procure the correct supplies for our workers to be able to treat their clients in any condition.

Recover Health plans to complete business transactions with suppliers that provide high quality products within a promised lead time and at a competitive price.

Recover Health’s guiding principles regarding leadership to home care, building on a strong foundation of service to others, and making decisions that support the client’s welfare and are financially responsible for the organization are among how we conduct business each day.

Partnerships with suppliers are a very important part of our process at Recover Health as explained by our CEO, Greg Von Arx: “Our goal is to help individuals age successfully in their homes. One of the ways we are achieving our goal is by building unique partnerships with health care providers. This creates the opportunity for coordination of services and allowing all to give greater care to our clients.”

We complete a lot of our business through Premier/Fairview Purchasing Network vetted suppliers, but are open to any suppliers. Any new suppliers need to demonstrate ethical standards within their company, legit pricing and products, and outstanding communication with us.

If you would like to become a supplier of products (i.e. PPE and any other home care products) that we procure contact us.

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