Infection Control - Guidance & Health Checks

As we have been providing training and education in relation to COVID-19 and infection control, we have laid out an employee guidance tool for you as well as other education and demonstrations to assure you have the tools and information to practice infection control.

To keep you informed with what is next, the following is what you can expect:

  1. Read the attached this tool is a resource tool for you with the guidance that has been given as well as new information in relation to health checks.
    1. Employee Guidance: “Recover Health Employee Infection Control Guidance tool
    2. Contractor Guidance: Contracted-Worker-Infection-Control-Guidance
  2. Read the attached “CDC – applying and removing PPE: this is the CDC guidance on how to properly apply PPE and remove PPE
  3. Read the attached “COVID-19 Employee Health Check: the expectation has been that you do a health check each day to assure you are not running a fever nor do you exhibit symptoms related to COVID-19.  The health checks will continue.  What is different is that you will document your health check every day.

Next steps:

  1. Begin attesting to your Health Check at the beginning of each day worked.  A Health Check is not required on the days you do not work.
  2. Employees: Sign the attestation in Relias acknowledging the Employee Infection Control Guidance has been reviewed and understood.
  3. With in the next two weeks, you will be contacted by your local branch to set up a competency testing to demonstrate how to apply and remove PPE as well as hand washing.  Prepare by reviewing the procedures in the handouts on how to apply and remove PPE.

Your local office has the PPE you need including hand sanitizer.  If you have questions or need further guidance, contact your branch administrator or clinical manager.

Thank you for the continued care you provide to your clients.  It is appreciated.

Stay safe, be well, follow infection control practices, and continue to use social distancing.  Your clients and Recover Health are counting on you.