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Thanksgiving Message for our Team

As we look back at the road the Recover Health team has traveled this year, we are truly humbled by each and every one of you and the efforts you have taken to provide care in the communities we serve. The journey has been filled with bumps and curves that we could never have expected. With cases rising daily, daycare and school closures, state-mandated shutdowns, and PPE shortages, we have seen time and time again, you rise to every challenge.

We have also learned to appreciate the simple joys and events in our lives – seeing a smile on someone’s face, giving and receiving a hug, traveling, visiting with friends old and new, celebrating births, weddings, and funerals with our families. Through it all, we are reminded of the things in life that truly matter; families and friends, neighborhoods and communities, purposeful work, co-workers who support and care for one another.

We are grateful for good health and well-being and wish the same to you and your families.

We are grateful for our client’s trust in Recover Health to provide exceptional care.

Most importantly, we are grateful for you, the Recover Health team. You are helping those in need, against great odds, every day. Through your dedication and a shared sense of purpose, we are making a difference together, and our Mission has never been more alive. Thank you for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

With Gratitude
Greg and Kara Von Arx

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MN Home Care Professional of the Year

Darla Thompson: Recipient of Minnesota Home Care Professional of the Year!

Congratulations to Recover Health’s Darla Thompson who has been selected as the Minnesota Home Care Professional of the Year, which is Minnesota HomeCare Association’s highest honor! Thompson, a valued team member of Recover Health, is a tireless advocate for home health care patients throughout the Midwest.

Minnesota HomeCare Association’s 50th Annual Meeting & Expo is November 9-20. Minnesota HomeCare Association (MHCA) is very established and represents nearly 150 home care agencies throughout the state of Minnesota. Their vision: MHCA will shape the home care landscape to improve and sustain quality home care services.

Passion and Focus

Thompson, a native of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is based out of the corporate office in Minnetonka and lives in Bloomington. Thompson has been working in home care for 24 years and has been with Recover Health for 8 years. She serves as the Director of Complex Skilled Hourly Nursing, Sprout Pediatrics and has been developing Recover Nurse Resources, a COVID swab testing team since July. Thompson’s passion and focus of her work at Recover Health has been complex hourly skilled nursing, and in 2013, Thompson spearheaded Sprout Pediatrics at Recover Health.

Thompson’s team serves approximately 200 clients with about 400-500 nurses, providing about 8,000 hours of nursing care per week. “Because of low payer reimbursements,” Thompson shares, “we have to be extremely efficient with everything we do.”

One thing that sets Thompson apart is the fact that she is always trying to figure out what’s missing—what could be done better. As a result of her many efforts and her passionate approach to home care, she has been increasingly involved in advancing home care in Minnesota.

Minnesota HomeCare Association

Thompson’s work with Minnesota HomeCare Association has been focused on raising standards and ensuring quality for home care. Her approach has included the philosophy of working to elevate the level of care for all home care in Minnesota. As a result, she has been involved with education and initiatives to help lead various committees. She has been active on committees that advocate for home care and payer reform and raising rates so staff can get paid higher wages which will help with staff retention.

For the past three years, Thompson has participated and now chairs the Workforce Taskforce to elevate home care as an option to nurses coming out of nursing school to make home care more attractive as a career option. “We need nurses that can hit the ground running,” Thompson says. Workforce Taskforce offers numerous presentations for new grads to get a better understanding of home care. Another facet of Workforce Taskforce is working to ensure quality training and setting expectations.  Thompson is also involved in the advocacy committee, which works to create a great day at the Minnesota State Capitol to get in front of lawmakers in an effort to raise the level of awareness of what home care is and to work on getting higher reimbursement levels and other legislation written into law.

Vision for the Future

Thompson’s goal at Recover Health is for Recover Health to be the provider of choice and the employer of choice. Anyone who has spent any time speaking with Thompson can easily see she is passionate and driven to improve the quality and transformational benefits of home care delivered to the families and clients that Recover Health serves.

Please join us in congratulating Thompson on her outstanding achievements and being selected as the Minnesota Home Care Professional of the Year!

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Thank you

We want to send our appreciation to all health care professionals for the work they do every day and especially now as we face a new challenge. Recover Health is blessed to work with the very best home health professionals in the industry. Thank you for the exceptional care you provide our clients; you are making a meaningful difference in their lives!
Greg and Kara Von Arx

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Tips for Preventing Coronavirus

Check out these CDC tips on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. We will continue to post information that our followers can utilize to help keep themselves and loved ones safer during this challenging time.

Steps to prevent illness:

What to do if you are sick:

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2019 Annual ICARE Excellence Award Winner

We would like to congratulate Tanya Jenz as Recover Health’s 2019 Annual ICARE Excellence Award Winner! Tanya has proven to be an outstanding team member who always provides 10/10 care. Our team, as well as the Waupaca community, is fortunate to have Tanya to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Thank you for all you do, Tanya!
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Greg Walters’ 40th Anniversary

We would like to wish Greg Walters a Happy 40th Work Anniversary! We could say a lot of great things about Greg but, instead, hear what his coworkers have to say! Congratulations, Greg, and thank you for always making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.