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Thanksgiving Message for our Team

As we look back at the road the Recover Health team has traveled this year, we are truly humbled by each and every one of you and the efforts you have taken to provide care in the communities we serve. The journey has been filled with bumps and curves that we could never have expected. With cases rising daily, daycare and school closures, state-mandated shutdowns, and PPE shortages, we have seen time and time again, you rise to every challenge.

We have also learned to appreciate the simple joys and events in our lives – seeing a smile on someone’s face, giving and receiving a hug, traveling, visiting with friends old and new, celebrating births, weddings, and funerals with our families. Through it all, we are reminded of the things in life that truly matter; families and friends, neighborhoods and communities, purposeful work, co-workers who support and care for one another.

We are grateful for good health and well-being and wish the same to you and your families.

We are grateful for our client’s trust in Recover Health to provide exceptional care.

Most importantly, we are grateful for you, the Recover Health team. You are helping those in need, against great odds, every day. Through your dedication and a shared sense of purpose, we are making a difference together, and our Mission has never been more alive. Thank you for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

With Gratitude
Greg and Kara Von Arx