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Help Bring this Kiddo Home in Mankato!

Hello, nurses (and more specifically, nurses who love kids and are looking for a job in the Mankato area). If your dream job is to work with pediatric patients in an intensive care setting, this would be a great investment in your experience. Creating the ICU level of care in the home environment while focusing on one patient, with outstanding training and support, will be the recipe for your success.

Our greatest teachers are our clients and their families. Each journey tells a story…. here is one of them.

A bit of a backstory from their perspective:

We are currently seeking nurses to care for our 1 year old daughter, Lucy.
On February 11th, Lucy was airlifted from Mankato to the PICU at St. Marys in Rochester for respiratory failure. Before then, she was totally healthy and the extent of her medical history included pink eye and an ear infection. She was diagnosed with adenovirus 3, H. influenzae, and pneumonia. One month of ECMO and a tracheostomy later, we are ready to go home.


A little about our family:

I’m Brittany, Lucy’s mom. My husband, Lance, and I live a few minutes from MSU and Lucy is our only child. We are both funeral directors, (…but definitely, don’t live up to the stereotype). I love cooking, gardening, reading, sitting on my porch with a cup of really good coffee, and turning everything into a to-do list. Lance is a type one diabetic and former world traveler with a passion for good food (or fast food, he’s not that picky), watching movies in his man cave, and seasonal candles from Pier 1. He refuses to cancel cable because he’d miss out on the Nightly News, Wheel of Fortune, and the Today Show.

Our house is pet-free and smoke-free, and aside from a couple random junk drawers, we’re relatively clean and organized. Making our home a comfortable workspace is a priority. If that means parking in our garage, having a desk for charting, filling the cupboard with your favorite snacks, or hooking you up with our Netflix account, the possibilities are endless.
Of course, Lucy would be your number one focus. She is so easy to love and has won the hearts of everyone in the PICU. She loves to make a mess while eating, snuggle before naptime, go for stroller rides, and play with noisy toys.


If you (or a friend) are interested in knowing more about this opportunity, please contact: (877) 266-5795
We look forward to hearing from you!
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Complex Skilled Home Care Nursing in Wisconsin

family with state representative

A big thank you to two of our families for opening their lives and sharing their perspective on a serious crisis facing families in Wisconsin. Access to Complex Skilled Home Care Nursing is important for so many reasons. The low reimbursement rates and nursing shortages have really hit Home Care. We want to show appreciation to Representative Dave Considine who came to listen and is interested in common sense solutions to this crisis in Wisconsin.

nurse with client and state representative

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Spotlight Q & A: Recover Health’s ICARE Culture

Spotlight Q & A: Recover Health’s ICARE Culture

Recover Health is a mission driven organization dedicated to activating its philosophy and guiding principles every day. Marketing Director, Recover Health, and Business Development Director, Kristen Akervik, discuss how Recover Health’s staff live this mission every day.

Q: Tell us about Recover Health’s mission. What drives staff to show up and truly make a difference every day?

A: Our mission is to create relationships that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. We take great pride in coordinating with our referral sources and collaborating with our business partners to provide exceptional service for our clients.

We work at recruiting and retaining individuals who are inspired by the same beliefs and values, and who intend to sustain relationships that truly make a difference in the lives of those we care for, work with, and encounter in our business activities.

Q: What is ICARE? How does Recover Health define ICARE and make it an initiative that is embraced by staff?

A: ICARE is a roadmap to live out our mission and values on a daily basis. We engage our employees with trainings, recognition programs, team building events, and on social media. Recover Health encourages involvement with fundraisers and volunteer opportunities, as well as other community events.

The 4 goals of the ICARE initiative are:

    Increase employee retention and recruitment opportunities
    Create an outstanding and meaningful experience every time, every day, for our clients and customers
    Improve client satisfaction and patient outcomes
    Create a company culture where client and customer experiences through ICARE becomes a market differentiator

Q: What does ICARE mean to staff?

A: Kathleen Cenac shared what ICARE means to her: “ICARE is a means to hold each of us accountable for our actions in and out of the office. It is more than an acronym; it stands as a reminder to treat others how we want to be treated, to live an authentic and positive life. I take ICARE with me everywhere I go, because I never want to go about a day without doing my best to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Q: How do employees bring the ICARE vision to life on a daily basis?

A: We consistently treat people with respect and kindness. We listen, and respond to, our customers and co-workers. Additionally, staff from our 20+ Recover Health offices volunteer at numerous functions within their communities.

Q: What comments have you received from clients that tells you ICARE is being embraced by staff?

A: We have received a lot of very positive feedback. Here are a just a few testimonials from our clients:


    “Both of my nurses are very friendly, thorough, and very likable. I am glad to see them when they come. They are also very helpful when I have questions.”
    “All the therapists and nurses were wonderful. They were kind and helpful.”
    “The nurse was very good. I appreciated his kindness and I was very comfortable with him. The follow-up calls to see how I was doing gave me the comfort that I needed.”
    “This healthcare agency is so wonderful. Thank you all!”