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2019 Annual ICARE Excellence Award Winner

We would like to congratulate Tanya Jenz as Recover Health’s 2019 Annual ICARE Excellence Award Winner! Tanya has proven to be an outstanding team member who always provides 10/10 care. Our team, as well as the Waupaca community, is fortunate to have Tanya to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Thank you for all you do, Tanya!
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Greg Walters’ 40th Anniversary

We would like to wish Greg Walters a Happy 40th Work Anniversary! We could say a lot of great things about Greg but, instead, hear what his coworkers have to say! Congratulations, Greg, and thank you for always making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

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November is Home Care Month

A bounty of gratitude…

November 2019

It seems befitting that home care month occurs in November, nationally known as gratitude month and celebrated as a month of Thanksgiving. What better time to give thought to the caring contributions of the many talented individuals of the Recover Health team! We are deeply touched by the devoted and gifted staff that care for our clients every day; and we are immensely humbled by the meaningful difference you have made in their lives. It is with sincere gratitude that we thank each one of you for your dedication and expertise.

We know that the need for health care will continue to rise and costs will continue to increase, as 10 thousand Americans turn 65 every day. Home care offers the greatest savings and is the preferred choice for most clients. Because of your specific competencies and caring touch, we will be able to continue to help thousands of clients stay in their homes.

We are thankful for the sincere, hardworking, talented and committed staff that share an affinity for learning, laughter and goodwill. We know this will help us to help others and to remain committed to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

In this month of November recognizing home care, gratitude, and Thanksgiving, we hope you all have time to sense an abundance of gratitude and share a bountiful harvest.

Greg & Kara Von Arx

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Recover Health purchased Nurse Force

DES MOINES, IA., June 14, 2019 – Greg Von Arx, CEO of Recover Health Inc., announces that Recover Health has purchased Nurse Force Inc. of Des Moines, Iowa.

Von Arx stated, “We are very excited to announce the acquisition of Nurse Force in Des Moines, Iowa the very same weekend we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary as an organization. By bringing our support and expertise, we feel we can thrive in the Des Moines and surrounding communities. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt and respond to the needs of the marketplace. We currently operate 31 locations in 6 states. The depth and breadth of our service offerings make us unique as a home health care provider and this uniqueness will serve us well in Des Moines.”

Recover Health will acquire the Nurse Force office space and clients, and the acquired business will operate under Recover Health leadership effective immediately. The purchase will better serve the needs of Recover Health’s clients along with the home health care needs of the Des Moines area.

Nurse Force and Recover Health are working together to ensure a seamless transition of home health care services for all clients. Recover Health has a total of 31 locations across Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Serving over 11,000 clients per year and employing over 1,400 team members, Recover Health is proud to provide patient-centered, quality home health care services and to be expanding its expertise throughout the Midwest.